David A. Clarke, Founder / President / CEO of the Managing General Partner

David A. Clarke. A Virginia Polytechnic & State University graduate with a degree in Engineering Science & Mechanics and minor in Business, Mr. Clarke has had a long history of entrepreneurship and corporate executive experience including management, sales, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing operations.

Mr. Clarke is President and CEO of Clarke Energy Fund Management, LLC the Managing General Partner that establishes and administers multi-well investment partnerships. He has nearly 2 decades of partnership oversight know-how.

Specifically, Mr. Clarke brings to the plate prerequisite knowledge of the oil and gas industry earned through a quarter century of investing in oil and natural gas wells throughout the United States and in successfully forging relationships and gaining trust working with other Oil and Gas Companies. Mr. Clarke has conducted forensic well operations audit investigations and field analyses as an Engineering Consultant for several affiliated Texas-based oil and gas companies. In addition, he has developed numerous Strategic Business Plans for industry players.

Overall, Mr. Clarke’s goal-oriented tenacity, engineering acumen and analytical ability, and penchant to see the big picture in conjunction with his extensive familiarity with the oil and gas industry are advantageous assets to both superintend partnership operations and to direct the evaluation of numerous oil and natural gas exploration and development opportunities.

As a born-again Evangelical Christian with a Judeo-Christian worldview, Mr. Clarke is committed to applying without compromise and through God’s grace the mores and principles as presented in the Holy Scriptures to all aspects of his life and business conduct. The “Golden Rule” perhaps best characterizes his management philosophy:

“In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you…” Matthew 7:12 (NASB)

Dennis R. Kittler, Operations Consultant

Dennis R. Kittler earned his BA degree in Finance at Coe College in Iowa and received his MBA with honors in Marketing Management at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Following active duty with the US Army and National Guard, Kittler held various sales, management, and executive positions with several nationally recognized firms before transitioning into the Oil and Gas Industry.

Mr. Kittler has been in the upstream side of the energy industry for over forty years. He has been involved in the generation of hundreds of high quality exploratory, in-field development, and lower risk offset drilling prospects.

His passion for the Industry led him to focus on crude oil and natural gas producing operations where he ran his own Operating Company first in Colorado and for most of his career out of the ‘Petroleum Capital of the World’, Houston, TX.

Kittler has superintended the drilling and operations of dozens of wells along the mid- and upper-Texas Gulf Coast region as well as in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. In addition, Mr. Kittler has sponsored over thirty joint venture drilling programs with global reach. Over the years, Kittler has been an active member in nearly a dozen major oil and gas associations and societies including the Houston Petroleum Club.

More recently he has been working in the broader mid-stream fuel trading business dealing with oil producers, refineries/fuel suppliers, fuel trading and logistics companies, re-sellers, buyers and/or end-users domestically and internationally.

Mr. Kittler not only brings his years of sales and marketing experience to CEFM’s successful operations, but he also brings an abundance of knowledge in the evaluation and analysis process of selecting drilling prospects and drilling site locations and overseeing well drilling and production operations.

Mr. Kittler lives in Houston, Texas and enjoys most weekends with his family at his beach home in the historical section of Galveston Island.