David A. Clarke, Founder / President / CEO of the Managing General Partner

David A. Clarke. A Virginia Polytechnic & State University graduate with a degree in Engineering Science & Mechanics and minor in Business, Mr. Clarke has had a long history of entrepreneurship and corporate executive experience including management, sales, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing operations.

Mr. Clarke is President and CEO of Clarke Energy Fund Management, LLC the Managing General Partner that establishes and administers multi-well investment partnerships. He has nearly 2 decades of partnership oversight know-how.

Specifically, Mr. Clarke brings to the plate prerequisite knowledge of the oil and gas industry earned through a quarter century of investing in oil and natural gas wells throughout the United States and in successfully forging relationships and gaining trust working with other Oil and Gas Companies. Mr. Clarke has conducted forensic well operations audit investigations and field analyses as an Engineering Consultant for several affiliated Texas-based oil and gas companies. In addition, he has developed numerous Strategic Business Plans for industry players.

Overall, Mr. Clarke’s goal-oriented tenacity, engineering acumen and analytical ability, and penchant to see the big picture in conjunction with his extensive familiarity with the oil and gas industry are advantageous assets to both superintend partnership operations and to direct the evaluation of numerous oil and natural gas exploration and development opportunities.

As a born-again Evangelical Christian with a Judeo-Christian worldview, Mr. Clarke is committed to applying without compromise and through God’s grace the mores and principles as presented in the Holy Scriptures to all aspects of his life and business conduct. The “Golden Rule” perhaps best characterizes his management philosophy:

“In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you…” Matthew 7:12 (NASB)


James F. (Jim) Crawford, Director of Business Development and Client Relations

Relationship-oriented entrepreneur James F. (Jim) Crawford earned his B.A. from Lynchburg College and was inducted into their Athletic Hall of Fame. Jim is a people-person and is known for his drive, enthusiasm, and compassion. He has deep passion for championing worthy causes and people. He has a keen interest in Non-profits, Community Development, and Business Development and enjoys teaching and Life Coaching.

James brings a wealth of experience to Clarke Energy Fund Management, LLC with nearly 30 years in the insurance and investment industry receiving numerous top awards and accolades throughout his professional career. While at Mass Mutual Insurance he managed an office of 10+ agents and staff as District Manager. He managed over $70M in assets as an Independent Financial Advisor. In addition, Jim has successfully established and run several businesses.

As Financial Advisor Jim specialized in Real Estate and Alternative Investment products working with and helping high net-worth Individuals, Family Businesses, and Business Owners achieve their personal financial goals.