Before You Invest

Whether you are a seasoned oil and gas expert or investing in oil wells for the first time, there are several things to know  to help you make informed choices and protect yourself against fraud.

Investment Education

One of the most important things you can do prior to investing in oil wells is to educate yourself. Learning basic industry terminology is a good place to start, along with understanding the process of how a well is drilled and the risk associated.

You can take advantage of the many educational resources available online to increase your understanding of the advantages of diversifying into oil and gas well ownership. One in particular is our Tax Guide which outlines and references tax codes on the tax benefits associated with oil and gas investing.

Keep in mind that investing differs greatly from depositing money in the bank. Federal deposit insurance guarantees bank deposits up to a certain amount. The value of oil and gas well ownership can fluctuate drastically from original predictions and studies. There is no guarantee you will make money from your investments. Review this SEC article to know what questions to ask next.

For education materials on our current private offerings, please click the link below and one of our team members will contact you for assistance.

smart investors allocate funds to oil and gas
know the value of expert oil and gas analysis

Know the value of expert analysis

Directly investing into oil and gas prospects can be intimidating for “first-timers.” Even experienced investors sometimes struggle with evaluating prospects and making investments without emotions getting in the way. This is why CEFM works with industry experts with many years experience. We get analysis from world class geoscientist and reservoir engineers on each prospect prior to introducing to our investors. Our approach focuses on data and facts to educate investors on the potential risk and reward of each prospect. To learn more about what it takes to drill a well and our process of vetting wells, click the link below. 

Investment Objectives

It is important to determine your investment objectives to ensure our team makes the most suitable recommendations based on your goals, tolerance of risk, and financial needs. We want to create long lasting relationship which is why we coach investors on what the data shows is the best way to approach oil and gas investing. 

Every investment in oil and gas wells carries some degree of risk. We do our best to bring investors the highest quality prospect. However, there is still no certainty in a return. Click below to learn more on how what to look for in each project and our recommended approach to investing. 

have a plan when investing in oil and gas