Below you will see a comparison of the EPX-IX fund performance versus the Equities or Bond market performance. The diagram below demonstrates how Oil investments are historically better than Bonds, due to lower risks and greater returns.

Performance History

  • EPF-IX has consistently delivered Quarterly dividend payouts to partners every quarter since inception.
  • EPF-IX has not had a negative month, quarter, or year in absolute returns since inception.
  • EPF-IX has access rights to $ millions of Proven Undeveloped (PUD) assets.

Average Annual Dividend Yield, before taxes:

  • 2010 through 2015    21.1% +/- 13.7% SD

ROI 2010-2015 – EPF-IX – Pre-tax return
EPF-IX 9.1% (+/- 5.9%)

Average Annual Dividend Yield, after taxes:

  • 2010 through 2015    30.6%
ROI 2010-2015 – EPF-IX – Post-tax return – 2010-2015
EPF-IX 16.4%

Note: look at the Standard Deviation row under the orange line in the diagram to see the how variable the market has become since 1995.

ROI is the return on your original investment and is different from Dividend Yield which is the total return from the well working interests. ROI is calculated using = [[Dividend Yield – Original investment] / Original investment] / #years of investment

EPF-IX Oil Investment Fund vs Equities Performance-Risk Comparison

EPF-IX – Pre-tax return (ROI) – 2010-2015
EPF-IX 9.1% (+/- 5.9%)
Bonds – Pre-tax return (ROI) – 2015
Bonds 7.5% (+/- 17.2%)