How To Invest In Oil

Build Wealth Just Like a Major Oil Company.

Certainly, you have thought, sometimes, of investing in oil and gas wells in order to share in the great wealth the Big Oil & Gas Companies have enjoyed. Or you may have wondered whether it is even possible for you to profit from $40, $50, or $60 per barrel oil just like the major oil companies have been able to accomplish through the years.

Perhaps you or someone you know were approached by a telephone “boiler-room” oil broker who tried to convince you that sinking $50,000, $100,000 or more into a single highly risky well could make you very rich.

Then, on top of that, the very same broker may have attempted to convince you to invest in a couple of sure-fire “offsets” before you even realized that you had lost most of your hard-earned money on well #1, in which case you resolved never to invest in an oil and gas venture again.

Or maybe you were just plain skeptical (and justifiably so) of the message and the messenger.

In any case, you keep seeing record wealth being created by the major oil companies and wish there could be a way for you to be as lucky as they are……Or maybe you decide to just buy their stock and hope it goes up!

But, “Hold on a minute… the majors really can’t be that lucky,” you tell yourself. “Maybe it’s just that they can afford to diversify into scores, and even hundreds of wells.”

“At $100,000 per well I would have to be a billionaire several times over to play in this big boy’s game,” you think.

“Oh, if only I could spread my investment allocation over lots of wells just like the majors do…Oh well, that’ll never happen,” you muse.

And you’d be absolutely correct … in the age-old, Traditional Way of oil and gas investing.

But CEFM has a better way! Now YOU can build wealth just like the Major Oil Investment Companies.

How to Invest in Oil & Gas Just Like the Major Oil Companies

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Traditional Investor: Honestly, the Traditional Investor doesn’t stand a chance. Not only is it nearly impossible for the neophyte investor to find, much less get in on truly great ‘deals’, but it’s an unavoidable fact that exploratory oil and gas drilling often results in either huge dry hole losses or marginal producer wells that never achieve payback of the original investment.
Successful Oil & Gas Companies get around this reality by investing in a multiplicity of top-quality prospects year after year after year.

Clarke Energy Fund Management’s innovative, paradigm-shifting strategy mimics the Majors.

Energy Partners Fund investor: Each Energy Partners Fund investor becomes an ‘Independent Small Producer’. They synergistically benefit from all the tax breaks available to an IRS-recognized pass-through oil and gas business and from the purchasing power of the Energy Partners Fund company as Working Interests are secured across dozens of the best, high-quality, high-impact oil and natural gas prospects.
Consistently building wealth by investing in oil and gas drilling programs is hard work. It requires much fortitude and patience. And it’s no place for the inexperienced.

To be truly successful one must:

  1. Be continually vigilant in research and analysis of prospective opportunities and the operators
  2. Fund a LOT of great wells – which we have consistently accomplished because of our great team of expert geologist, geophysicists and exploration partners.
  3. Be disciplined to diversify and judiciously spread the investments

Energy Partners Fund faithfully fulfills these broad mandates making the potentially lucrative rewards of oil and gas investing possible for the Accredited Investor as a Small Producer. You, too, can have your very own oil company expertly and professionally managed by CEFM, LLC.
Compare the two investing models below:

The Energy Partners WayTM
Growing Portfolio
No Undisclosed Fees
No Cash Call Worries
Robust Historical Yields
Statistically Mitigated Risk
Full Disclosure/Transparency
One-time Subscription Document
Expert Due Diligence of Prospects
Efficient, Synergistic Portfolio Management
Experienced and Trusted Fund Administration
CEFM Power-of-Attorney to Execute all Documents
Private Placement Only Available Through CEFM
Return on Investment Capital Starts on Day 1
Consolidated Year-Ending Tax Report
Unprecedented Rates of Return and Substantial Tax Benefits
No Sales Commission Markups
“Traditional” (Old) Way
Investing in 1 Well Project at a Time
Insufficient Diversification
Undisclosed Fees Abound [Padded drilling Budgets] Unexpected Cost Overruns & Cash Calls
Losses Outweigh Gains
HUGE Risks
Generally Poor Communications
Subscription required for each well
Well Selection Limited to “What’s Available”
Well Investment Oversight is VERY Time-consuming
Trustworthy Promoters & Operators are Rare Finds
Investor Burdened with Mounds of “Paperwork”
Often sold by unlicensed brokers
100% of Investment Considered a Loss on Day 1
Multiple Year-End Tax Reports-one per Well
Highly Likely You Won’t Even Achieve Payback
Outlandish Promote & Commission Markups
Substantial Tax Benefits
As will be evident from the discussion presented on this page: the tax benefits generated by direct participation in oil and natural gas projects such as through Subscription to Energy Partners Fund are substantial.
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