Energy Partners Fund

Our ivestment objective is obtaining an ownership interest in oil & gas wells for its partners. EPF-IX is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Private Placement Fund for securing Revenue Streams from the production of oil, natural gas, and related products are then passed through to its partners in the form of Quarterly Dividend payments.

Tax deductions generated by partnership activities are also passed through to the partners.    

Safety through Diversification | High, Tax-efficient Quarterly Dividends.

EPF-IX has a unique operating structure that gives partners increased safety through intelligent diversification while at the same time providing high, tax-efficient yields to the partners in the form of a quarterly dividend.

The government gives generous tax benefits to encourage domestic energy exploration and development. EPF-IX investment strategy uses a proprietary blended portfolio model which captures both the tax advantages while reducing the risk of “picking right”. The result is consistent, high-yield dividends for its partners.

Target Partners

  • Investors looking for protection through a more diversified portfolio. EPF-IX is not dependent on stock market or bond market performance. 
  • Investors looking for tax advantages. Large tax incentives are available utilizing our proprietary investing model.
  • Investors looking for consistent high-yield quarterly dividends.

Benefits of Investing in EPF-IX:

  • Quarterly cash dividends
  • A diversified alternative to Stocks, Bonds, REITs
  • Tax deduction pass through
  • Expanding portfolio
  • Capped expense ratios
  • Compounding Returns with Re-investment option
  • IRA, Qualified Funds option
  • Experienced fund management with a proven track record
  • GAAP Financial Statements
  • Annual Audit Assurance Review
  • Limited Liability
  • All Projects Insured

Performance History

Average Annual Dividend Yield, before taxes:
2010 through 2015    21.1% +/- 13.7% SD

Average Annual Dividend Yield, after taxes:
2010 through 2015    30.6%

EPF-IX has consistently delivered Quarterly dividend payouts to partners every quarter since inception.

EPF-IX has not had a negative month, quarter, or year in absolute returns since inception.

EPF-IX owns rights to $ millions of Proven Undeveloped (PUD) assets.

EPF-IX Oil Investment Fund vs Equities Performance-Risk Comparison


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