Oil and Gas Partnerships

What does Partnering in EPF-IX Actually Mean for the Investor?

Energy Partners Fund-IX has operated for almost a decade without a negative month of production returns, boasting a double-digit annualized yield in 2017. Because of our reputation and experience we get the best possible industry rates and pass on cost saving benefits to our partners. We work hard to secure working interests in massive oil and gas production operations that would otherwise be unavailable to the individual investor alone.

Tax Benefits

  • Non-passive tax deductions begin accruing on the first day of investment.
  • In Y2015 new investors could claim 56% to 97% of their investment as a tax deduction against the year of investment.
  • We work with our client’s CPAs to optimize tax advantages and minimize taxes.
  • 180% of initial investment (non-passive) is eligible for federal tax deductions (throughout the full investment period till payback)*.

* includes IDC (Intangible Drilling Costs), Depreciation, Depletion, QBI (Qualified Business Income) Deductions.

Reinvestment Opportunities

  • 64% of our Class A, direct-participation investors re-invest their earnings for compounded investment growth.
  • If a new Investor elects to re-invest their earnings for at least 1 year we will pay 7.5% APR until their investment becomes vested for new well-generated production earnings.

More Benefits

  • Investors are not tied to specific well performance; therefore, they are not saddled with high-dollar dry-hole or marginal well losses. [Such losses are covered by Contingency and are spread proportionately through the entire partnership as expenses.]
  • EPF-IX secures well working interest at the best possible industry rates and passes on all cost savings to its partners.
  • Once vested for well production revenue every single investor receives the same rate of exceptional return yield in the form of quarterly cash distributions.
  • Cash distributions are derived 100% from well production revenue and are made quarterly.
  • New investors receive 5.0% APR from Day 1 until their investment becomes vested for new well-generated production earnings. [We project that a new investor today should become vested within 9-12 months.]


  • The EPF-IX Way™ is a proprietary, rock-solid, proven strategy developed over 20 years of winning in the ‘Oil Patch’.
  • Energy Partners Fund-IX has weathered the 2014/17 storm of extraordinary low prices for crude oil and natural gas and is postured for explosive growth.
  • Since fund inception over 8 years ago we have never had a negative month of production returns, nor have we ever passed on a cash call for P&A or cost overruns.
  • EPF-IX returned to double-digit annualized yields in 2017.
  • Through Y2015 – 2017 our average new investor placed $230,750 in EPF-IX.
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