About Us

Since 2007 CEFM has been opening doors for accredited investors to diversify into oil and gas well ownership. With a team that brings a combined 150+ years experience developing, drilling, prospecting, and managing oil well prospects, we are excited to partner with you on our up coming prospects. 

Clarke Energy Fund Management (CEFM)

CEFM as Managing General Partner creates and administers Limited Partnerships for investments into oil and gas opportunities. We provide an exclusive niche investment opportunity for Accredited Investors, Venture Capitalists, Institutional Investors, Family Offices and other qualified entities.

Securing Broad Spectrum Investment Opportunities

Our partnerships operate conceptually much like a mutual fund by accruing direct-income working interests across a broad spectrum of crude oil and natural gas resource development opportunities located throughout the United States. Prospects are judiciously selected by the Managing General Partner after rigorous geophysical evaluation and cost-benefit analysis.

Working interests is an oil and gas drilling operations investment in which the investor is directly responsible for a portion of the ongoing costs associated with exploration, drilling and production. Accordingly, a proportional share of the ongoing profit is owned by the investor. 

Blended Return – Minimum Risk

Each successful well project ultimately becomes a profit-generating business unit that contributes to the achievement of the blended whole. Therefore, the way is paved for maximum returns with minimal risk by applying the time-tested strategy of intelligently diversifying one’s investment.

Clarke Oil & Gas JV, LP (“COGJV”)

Clarke Oil & Gas JV, LP is the current approach of doing business. COGJV sales Working Interest in oil and gas drilling projects to accredited investors. COGJV is an improvement on the idea of our original product (EPF-IX), spread capital across multiple wells to reduce dry-hole losses and maximize ROI. However, this newer model allows investors to be hands on with placing their funds. Each investor will receive project overviews multiple times per year breaking down each project by location, potential ROI, risk aversions, threats, and usage of capital. The investor then makes a decision based their own risk desire to pick and chose which projects they want to be partners in. This not only allows investors to understand what projects their funds are allocated toward, but also increases ROI by allowing funds to be put to work faster. We now allow accredited investors to place smaller investment amounts in each projects. This allows accredited investors to spread funds across many oil and gas wells.

Energy Partner’s Fund-IX (“EPF-IX”)

Energy Partners Fund-IX was the original investment fund in a string of successful partnerships.   EPF-IX was the first CEFM investment product constructed as an open-funded partnership with no capitalization limit. It was tailored especially for the discerning accredited investor who demands safety, security, and superior cash returns and whose predilection is to take a laissez-faire approach to their investments.

Unsurpassed earnings levels were passed on proportionately to EPF-IX partners, all of whom receive the same percentage of yield. All partner-investors became vested into the existing securities holdings. Money was pooled together and used to acquire additional producing assets, which benefit all EPF-IX investors.