The tables below summarize the 2018 Drilling Program opportunities with our E&P partner, LLOX. You will find on overview of the three areas of Well Production and Upcoming well investment opportunities we have secured or to which we have access.

  • Upcoming Wells,
  • Current Producing Wells
  • Wells Waiting for Production

Safety In Numbers

Our objective is to mitigate risk by spreading investments across dozens of wells. We have invested in 4 LLOX wells so far this year and there are 8 more investment opportunities that we have an open-door to participate in.

MD = Mean Depth: is the total length on the well path. Sometimes the vertical depth is less than the total drilling path if the path is set at an angle to avoid obstructions etc.
TVD = True Vertical Depth: This is the vertical distance from the wellhead to a point in the well path.
MCF = a thousand cubic feet (of gas)
BO = Barrels which equals 42 Gallons per BO

Upcoming Wells

Operator Prospect Well Name Depth County / Parish Target / Targets Tentative Spud Date Drilling Contractor
LLOX,LLC – Crazy
Crazy Chester TBD 15,000′TVD Brazoria County, Texas Grubb & Andrau Sands Oct – 18 Land Location
LLOX,LLC – Snowball Snowball TBD 14,500′MD Brazoria County, Texas Vicksburg Oct – 18
LLOX,LLC –  Widgeon Widgeon TBD 10,200′TVD Acadia Parish, Louisiana Homeseeker A-C Oct/Nov 2018 Land Location
LLOX,LLC – Tarpon Maverick TBD 15,000′MD/ 13,150′TVD Lafourche Parish, Louisiana Healer, 141/142,
Upper 95, Upper 96
Oct/Nov 2018 Barge Rig
LLOX,LLC – Jackson Bushwacker Toro #2 E.D. Moreau et al #1 14,600′MD/
Lafourche Parish, Louisiana Tex W-P and Tex W-L Q4 2018 Land Location
LLOX,LLC – Plauche Bushwacker Toro #3 LL&E #1 12,500′MD/ 11,600′TVD Lafourche Parish, Louisiana Tex W N-O and Big 2 Q4 2018 Land Location
Stella TBD 11,000′TVD Acadia Parish, Louisiana Lower Tweedel A-B Q4 2018 Land Location
Gunslinger TBD 14,000′MD Jefferson County, Texas Yegua Q4 2018 Land Location

Producing Wells

Operator Prospect Well Name Proposed/
Actual Depth Drilled
County/ Parish Target/ Targets Proposed/
Actual Spuds
Drilling Contractor 1st Date of Sales IP Rate (1st full 7day avg)
Bodacious#3 Simoneaux A#1 11,500′TVD /
St. Charles Parish, LA CIB OP Feb 2018/
Feb 2018
Barge Rig 5/8/18 4661 MCF/
61 BO
Headlight SO
Bodacious#1A Simoneaux Family
Land LLC #2
11,500′TVD /
St. Charles Parish, LA CIB OP March-April 2018/
March 2018
Barge Rig 7/17/18 3407 MCF/
31 BO

Wells Waiting for Production

Operator Prospect WellName Proposed/
Actual Depth Drilled
County/ Parish Target/Targets Proposed/
Actual Spud Date
Drilling Contractor
LLOX, LLC – Greenlight Bodacious #4 EMC Fee#1 11,600′TVD /12,510′MD St. Charles Parish, LA Upper Cip Op Lower Cip Op April-May 2018/April 2018 Barge Rig
LLOX, LLC – Greenlight 2 Bodacious #4A EMC Corp#2 12,000′TVD /13,853′MD St. Charles Parish, LA Upper Cip Op Lower Cip Op May 2018/May 2018 Barge Rig